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Porritt House Catering

Our 28 day rolling menu provides a fully nutritional diet for our clients, with choices to suit all tastes, preferences and dietry needs.

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Monday, Week 1  - a great start to our 28 day rolling menu with traditional English Cottage Pie, served with a Rich Mash Topping, Farmhouse Vegetable Medley, Buttered Cabbage and Hash Browns


Wednesday, Week 2 - and a Classic Dish,  Chicken Chasseur served with Carrots, Garden Peas and Champ Mashed Potatoes, our own alternative to traditional Bubble & Squeak



Sunday Week 3 - and a fitting end to a week of hearty British food, an old English favourite of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding served with Glazed Carrots, Brussels Sprouts and Roast & Mashed Potatoes


Friday, Week 4 - Friday is Fish day, but this week it’s the King of Fish, Fresh Scottish Salmon, served with Grilled Tomato Crowns, Sweetcorn, and Hand Cut Chunky Chipped Potatoes

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Along with our 28 day rolling menu we offer a comprehensive choice of alternatives to suit all tastes, preferences and dietry needs.

Our Simply Basics options give clients the chance to substitute the main meal of the day for a plain sliced meat with the vegetables of the day.

Spoilt for Choice 4 Week Menus

The Soup of the Day at only £1 extra, plus the new “fish specials” at a small surcharge offer greater choice. With our sandwich option, for saving for tea time, the problem of preparing meals is over and has the bonus that everything is prepared Fresh on the Day and delivered - Ready to Eat

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